the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity,
the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty




















Les runs great meetings that go beyond the ordinary by employing creative problem solving techniques that spark innovation and growth


Les facilitates workshops with senior leadership teams to:

clarify their business ambition

set stretching goals and objectives

define and align their strategy

address cultural change by creating the conditions for success

sustain energy levels to deliver the results




Les works with companies large and small to create highly effective and engaging offsite “away days”.   The mechanics of what a facilitator does are described in this short International Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIAFC) video

The facilitator’s role is to create a vibrant atmosphere, focus individuals and groups on tasks with optimism and rigour by asking the questions that prompt fresh insights that help find the pathways to defining new solutions.  The results frequently bring added benefits on:


improved understanding of the business and its strategy

develop skills in collaborative creative problem solving


development of a tight knit senior team


a new language for assessing business opportunity


collective responsibility for delivery of plans

Les is recognised for getting to the core of the issue very quickly and staying with it until resolution is achieved.  He has facilitated a variety of creative problem solving sessions to address a wide variety of topics utilising a variety of communication formats that appeal to different learning styles, maximise engagement, and maintain high concentration levels throughout the day: 

Annual business plans 

Merger integration

“Break out” innovation

New products and services

Business improvement

Organisation development​

Change programme design

Re-structuring planning

Customer service

Strategy planning

Culture and values

3 year business plan

Growth challenges

Top team dynamics

Process simplification

The design and delivery of one, or two, day planning sessions inspires fresh thinking by challenging existent beliefs and mental models in order to set out a clear transformational pathway that delivers higher levels of performance.  Serious issues can be tackled in creative ways, being solemn is a way of avoiding risk and staying stuck.  No two planning sessions are the same because each business faces different challenges. However, each workshop is guaranteed to be:

Highly interactive and fast paced

High energy – nobody sits still

Creative and engaging discussion and debate

Fun, crammed with many memorable humorous moments

Packed full of exercises for working alone, in pairs, or in bigger teams

Practical, ambitious, creative, and productive

Designed to address fundamental questions

Distinguished with fresh insights and perspectives

Fully tailored to the organisation and team objectives 

People remember experiences more so than content.  Great arguments don’t change hearts and minds the way that experiences do.  All workshops are packed full of experiences and stimulation to shift mindsets so as to address the ‘art of the possible’ and motivate people to take action


Anthony Attard



The growth workshop with senior management was excellent.  Les provided thought provoking challenges with good humour in a well structured day.  Highly guaranteed to provide the spark for a breakthrough and fresh thinking

Kelvin Coyle

M H Alshaya Co


“Les runs a fantastic workshop.  Engaging, fun, great stories, practical insights and all delivered in a way which drives engagement and gets the creative juices flowing.   Les is the go guy for making the complex simple, the difficult easy, and putting a smile on people’s faces – exceptional”

nick taylor

Tim Barry Jonathan Ball
Peace foundation

chief executive

“Les gave us a fun filled day and it was only obvious he had worked us hard when we stood back and looked at all the output we had achieved as a team. He got the best from every person in the room with his direct and engaging style that blends sharp wit with very serious subject matter.  Absolutely brilliant.  An exceptional day”