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It is lonely at the top.  Most leaders rarely get direct feedback

As a CEO, business owner or leader, it’s hard to know who you can talk to. Everyone in our work and home life has a perspective and interest in us.  They also have their own agendas, motivations and intentions

Who do you have that is truly an outsider?  Who will ask you the tough questions?  Who challenges you, stands up to you and makes you accountable?  Who is committed to growing you and your business?

Les spends 400+ hours a year in private conversations with MDs and CEOs helping both themselves and their organisations achieve their full potential.  This may explain why 100% of Les’s clients experience growth, over 80% double digit




Leading a team can be challenging.  With the number of laws and regulations to navigate and different personality types to manage, leaders often feel overwhelmed and helpless.  Without the proper coaching and training, executives could be setting themselves and their companies up for failure.  Sometimes companies and their management teams are running so fast that they neglect to invest in their leaders, causing the entire operation to collapse

It’s no secret that building a business has its challenges.  As if it is not already hard enough to start and lead a business, the challenges and risks just seem to grow simultaneously as the business grows.  For many of us, we are no longer working to provide for just our immediate families and personal needs, but for the well-being of our employees as well.  Sometimes the fear of failure seems to be the only thing that keeps us pushing through

You are not alone. Executive coaching is of most value to MDs, CEOs, and business owners who are serious about growth and believe that their success comes down to investing in their people, who will then in turn invest in their business. It is imperative that there are qualified trusted leaders within the organisation who are learning and growing both personally and professionally

Executive coaching is about helping a leader achieve their full potential.  To succeed it requires commitment and a desire for positive change, challenging the status quo, and an excitement about future possibilities

Each member of an organisation, department and team is different; they have different learning preferences, different goals and interdependent roles within the organisation.  The most effective way to ensure every single person achieves organisation’s goals – and their own personal ones – is to develop them on an individual basis through executive coaching.

Most leaders rarely get direct feedback and there are few people they can discuss sensitive issues with or use as a sounding board.  Executive coaching works to understand and address your issues and needs in the context of the day-to-day realities of business in order to improve performance by:

Developing greater self-awareness to help you create more options

Building more effective personal skills: including coaching and problem solving

Having an honest, objective sounding board to find creative solutions to problems

Learning to deal with issues, problems and alternatives from fresh perspectives

Becoming more strategic about work and stop allowing day-to-day issues run your schedule

Developing a leadership style that suits you and gets results

Balancing your work, home, and leisure commitments, which can significantly increase your personal health and wellbeing

Having an opportunity to review outcomes and learning

By coaching team members, one can be very specific about the key areas they need to focus on and improve, discuss and focus their training on a one-to-one basis either face-to-face, over the phone or via e-mail.  You can cover a topic in-depth in the style most appropriate for the individual in 1 hour (an exercise that could take 2 days on a group course), helping to speed up the learning process and allow for difficult areas to receive a more appropriate focus.   Here are a few common topics that are addressed in executive coaching:


Growth strategies 

Company culture 

Identifying roles

Creating processes

Leading teams


Legal matters

Employee engagement

Managing conflict

Establishing KPIs



Mergers & acquisitions

Exit planning

Performance management

Financial health


Giving feedback


Goal setting

Succession planning

Growth challenges

Work-Life balance


The key to successful executive coaching is that it is specific, individual, ongoing and challenging. Objectives agreed at the outset can be used to track and measure success.  Other benefits of coaching include:

Achieving win-win situations

Improving relationships

Better decision making

Improving communication skills

Changing company culture

Increasing sales

Decreasing stress

Increasing self confidence

Effective networking

Industry expertise

Having more time

Giving and receiving feedback

Planning before doing

Improved goal setting

Team building


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Les has helped me to clearly identify the root cause of the problems along with likely solutions whilst connecting me to valuable individuals”
“Les’s gentle questioning aids idea development and enables me to have greater confidence when pushing forward with new plans.  Les ensures that risks, mitigations, as well as alternative courses of actions have been considered”
“Having 1-2-1s with Les makes a huge difference to my month and knowing that agreed actions will be followed up means that I’m much more likely to follow through”

stephen nickson

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“Les has been a source of wisdom for me as we work our way forward building a new team, restructuring operations, and build for the future”
“Les has an assured manner which combines support and challenge as a good critical friend should”
“In my 1-2-1s with Les I have been struck by his knowledge and insight, sharp and perceptive questioning, as well as his appetite for holding my feet to the fire!” 

dale Heathcote 

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“The 1-2-1s with Les are very open as well as being very detailed.  Les always follows through on each point and goes the extra mile to assist and help.  His experience in business and life really resonate with me and have helped me in many areas in business as well as personally”