if the challenge exists, so must the solution












20-20 works with leadership teams to c0-create practical programmes, built on the principles of 10X growth, with the desired outcome to become an exceptional “triple A rated” organisation:

Accountable – individually, and collectively act, to accomplish the organisation’s mission

Affordable – Able to implement plans using the smallest expenditure on resources 

Agile – Successfully anticipate and respond to the emergence of new competitors, technology, and sudden shifts in market demand

20-20 works with senior leaders to help better understand current growth potential, best practices, and construct approaches to maximise growth

20-20 supports leadership teams, with training and guidance, in leading and steering successful change




In the past 10 years, 20-20 worked with 12 clients to lead 20+ projects to contribute on:


$50m profit improvement at a respected multinational engineering company

£20m profit improvement at a UK defence company


Accelerating double digit business growth at a rapidly growing Bio Tech

20-20 leads, engages with, and motivates client teams to help them:

Develop fresh insights

Stimulate new thinking

Create pathways to better results

Be vigilant during implementation


The unique frameworks developed by 20-20 challenge leaders to rethink what they know, push teams to outperform what was thought possible, and help create advantage from every opportunity.  The focus is to help leaders develop their organisational capability and operating culture to improve effectiveness, anticipate change, and grow.  No consulting engagement is complete without enabling teams to implement new ways of working to achieve sustainable improvements.  It is exhilarating, rewarding, and challenging work.  It is a privilege to do it, and to share the unique satisfaction that comes from helping to secure successful futures for outstanding organisations and their people

Several years of experience have shown there is a right order and sequence for tackling change. What makes 20-20 different is the laser focus on applying 10X growth principles to underpin achieving success:

Possess clarity on sources for growth

Ensure profit models are well understood

Focus on few initiatives

Translate customer insights into new offerings and business improvements

Make informed trade off decisions on investment decisions

Promote excellence in execution

Engage in disciplined execution at all levels on growth initiatives

Ensure sustained alignment among leaders

Use strong metrics and feedback loops

Build leader capabilities to grow from within




growth 10x

AIM listed Bio-Tech

Partnered with leadership team to reset vision and strategy, revise organisation, introduce new business growth processes and controls, manage the integration of an acquisition and re-shape internal communications.  Firm’s revenue has trebled during two years

organisational health 


Profiled the health of the organisation employing over 10,000 FTEs and its relationship with key partners.  Recommendations included better alignment of organisational interfaces that positively impact the delivery of physical operations on site

organisational health 

ftse 100 Multinational 

Directed a review of organisation structures across 13 different markets to re-define patterns of work coupled to new role definitions to support existing operations prior to a successful sale valued over $700m


Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturer

Partnered with the leadership team to restructure European operations in order to secure long term growth ambitions.  Performance across a portfolio of facilities was assessed and recommendations made on future operations, business processes, at reduced resource levels while improving customer service to save £50m pa

growth 10x 



Reviewed organisation structures in line with evolving business strategy.  New roles were defined, new governance structures and KPIs introduced, functions re-sized, operating culture and target behaviours reset, and interfaces across the organisation strengthened


growth 10x

Building Materials Mini-Conglomerate

Partnered with client teams to develop market led strategy and new organisational structures that enable profit growth.  The business doubled turnover in the subsequent two years of trading

performance improvement

Airports Group

Partnered with client project team to refresh the organisation, reduce costs and use lean thinking to improve operating efficiency across a small portfolio of airports.  £20m pa in savings were realised from a re-sized organisation, direct operations, and procurement

business transformation & health

FTSE 100 industrial group

Partnered with multiple client teams across various operating divisions to revise organisation structures and resource deployment that generated cost savings which comfortably exceed £250m pa

performance & organisational health

FTSE 250 defence

Initial review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the head office that identified savings of £5m. Further reviews found opportunities in the subsidiaries to re-size functions, re-define operating culture, and introduce new governance structures and controls that generated a profit improvement of £20m pa

business integration

AIM listed Mini-conglomerate

Led a programme of change designed to create a single integrated organisation within nine months.  The business integration created a unified structure, with a single set of accounts, common reporting and focus on markets and customers

performance improvement & health


Led a review of R&D processes and organisational structure of one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies employing over 100,000 people.  Proposals were adopted that resulted in fewer senior Directors and Vice-Presidents and simplified work patterns at lower costs, contributing $50m profit pa in a single Division


performance improvement & health

Overseas JV Services


Partnered with a client team to appraise the company’s organisation (over 1,000 people), business processes, and costs.  A business plan was produced which enabled the execution of an extensive order book on faster turnaround times, at lower resource levels, that supported long term growth ambitions

20-20 TEAM

20-20’s approach is to provide senior people with appropriate functional and sector experience in order to generate high impact, sustainable solutions for clients


20-20 only deploys senior executives with proven track records

Individuals who operate independently, identify needs, and offer solutions


Fit around leadership team and leverage industry and sector knowledge

Work at pace with rigour to assure successful outcomes

Passionate about delivering sustainable performance improvement




20-20 has helped lots of organisation to work more effectively, grow, and make high performance the norm


Staff frequently cling to what they do and how they do it.  Directors may disagree on what change is needed.  And staff may resist change.  So, we help everyone to work together to revise their way of working in order to build  shared confidence in and support for the new priorities


20-20’s approach is to run a programme of change that will develop thinking, come up with solutions, build commitment, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes


Our collaborative approach coupled to expert facilitation reduces resistance: it gets the leaders to endorse the change and sponsor the planned outcomes throughout the organisation


Long understanding of learning styles, designing operating models, and of working with top managers has taught 20-20 how to inspire a constant effort to improve

Client ownership

The most sustainable change programmes are led by leadership teams who energise the middle management “engine room”.  20-20’s role is to facilitate, coach, provide input, guidance, produce materials and not be tempted to takeover and lead the change programme


The aim is to get the best results for the least outlay.   A small, experienced, senior team is proposed that has made it happen before